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Current Updates


1. Traveling to the US

Sue Givens will be visiting churches and sponsors in Texas, North Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Ohio from the 13th of September through the 30th of October.   The purpose of the visit is to raise scholarship support for the over 450 elementary, middle and high school age students in Paraguay community of Lambaré. Please contact her if you would like to learn more information or to schedule an appointment.


2.  Reviewing Scholarship Requests for 2018

Over 450 students have requested financial assistance for 2018 to help cover their tuition costs. A sponsorship of $480 per year, is able to pay a portion of the students’ fees.  Depending on the Christian school, the grade level of the student, and the families’ financial need; a sponsorship can pay 10% to 80% of the students’ fees.  The families pay the other part so they have a vested interest in their child’s education.

In addition, we have a large number of students’ who have lost one or both parents; live in a one-parent home or are being raised by grandparents or others.  Also, we have a number of families that have multiple students (the maximum enrolled in the school is 5).  In these situations, we try to provide extra funds through special donations to help the students continue in school; especially for those in older grades.

If you would like to sponsor a child or donate to the general education fund, please contact the Samaritan Office or click the donate button.

Samaritan Hands/Paraguay Schools

P.O. Box 6016

Maryville, TN  37802


3.  Communicating with your student

The students enjoy hearing from their sponsors; especially when they receive photos so they can put a face to their “Godparent” or Sponsor.

We have an email address where sponsors can send communications to their student.  We print the student the letter in black and white and translate the letter if needed.   The sponsor’s email address is only given to the student upon permission of the sponsor. 


Also, many of our students and their families have access to the internet via cell phones and many use Facebook.   Families may share prayer requests, but are not to ask for special items or financial assistance from the sponsors.   


4.  For Sponsors:  Guidelines for providing gifts or cards for your sponsored child in various ways.

To Mail Gifts, Cards, Letters Via The Postal Service

Letters, packages and gifts may be sent but please do not send money, checks, or expensive items.  Mailing tends to be very expensive (sometimes much more than the gift) and not all gifts arrive intact or at all.   When sending a gift for a child, please address the gift to Sue Givens and then put the child’s name.   (See the new Coupon program below.) This enables Sue to retrieve the gift from the post office.

Mailing Address:

% Sue Givens/Esc. Nuevo Horizonte       

Student Name

CC. No. 24078

Lambaré, Paraguay 2420


Please Note all cards and gifts need to be sent directly to Paraguay not to the Samaritan Hands office in TN.


To send Money for Gifts or Additional Educational Assistance:


To send money for gifts (please no cards to this address); please send funds to Samaritan Hands.   Please designate the amount you wish to donate and the purpose or student’s name.  If there is a specific request for a gift (ex: a Bible, necklace, etc.), we will try to purchase that gift for your child.  It is essential to use the student’s complete name and code # if possible.  When there are extra funds, these are used for gifts for students who may not receive a gift.

Send to:

               Samaritan Hands/Paraguay Schools

P.O. Box 6016

Maryville, TN  37802


5.  New Coupons or Gift Vouchers Program

Due to the cost of mailing and the loss of some gifts, in March 2017, we began a gift certificate program.  Each student receives coupons in the amount of the gift sent by their sponsors.  The student and a parent can go Lusito’s (a Paraguayan version of a Walmart) and use the funds to purchase toys, clothing, personal care products, jewelry, school supplies furniture, food etc. Our first group of students upon receiving the vouchers were so excited.  In lieu of sending the student a gift, sponsors may send a donation for gift coupons (equivalent to a gift certificate).   Please plan ahead, as we will only be presenting the vouchers twice a year.  Be sure to designate the student’s name and code # and send to:

               Samaritan Hands/Paraguay Schools

P.O. Box 6016

Maryville, TN  37802


Special Note:

Please do not send cash or checks in the mail to Paraguay.  The funds and expensive gifts are often stolen.  In addition, the checks cannot be cashed by the families or the school.


7.  Families having Special Needs

We often have families who face various challenges such as the death or a serious illness of family member, loss of home during a fire or storm, or loss of or reduced income and may need a little extra assistance for a period time.   We evaluate the family’s need and then through a special fund, we can provide additional assistance for the family.   These funds go through The Project for the People of Paraguay.   Before sending funds, please communicate with Sue Givens as to the purpose of the funds:


Sheri Bitzan

The Project for the People of Paraguay

PO Box 251

Avon, MN 56310