Current Happening with the Paraguay Outreach


I am officially working in Paraguay under the direction of The Project for the People of Paraguay Foundation.  I am assisting Samaritan Hands and other organizations as time permits.   The goal is to share Jesus!


The Project for the People of Paraguay Foundation (PPP) 

In 2016, I officially left the school and am now working with the Paraguayan non-profit foundation, the Project for the People of Paraguay. We provide Christian witnessing while assisting with educational, dental, and social services for close to 200 families throughout the greater capital area.   Also, we provide limited assistance with housing, medical services, and job training especially for women and we provide assistance to a handful of “grannies” needing extra support.   I am currently responsible for a helping a family whose mother has cancer, remodel and enlarge their small two bedroom home with an outdoor kitchen and outhouse to add a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room area.  PPP allows me to continue collaborating with other organizations such as Samaritan Hands.


Samaritan Hands 

I am continuing to manage the Student sponsorship program to assist students who live in the Lambaré area to receive a quality Christian education.   The sponsorship program now serves approximately 450 children and youth who attend six different Christian school throughout Lambaré.


Helping Persons with Special Needs

I have also been assisting individuals with special educational needs and unofficially assisting a non-profit group from California interested in Special Education.   The goal is to teach Paraguayan teachers that are children are a miracle of God and how to better serve the students with special needs since this is relatively new to most schools.