Sue Givens Biography

Sue Givens is a missionary serving with Latin America Mission since September 2000 in Lambaré, Paraguay, close to the capital.   She was born in Paris, Ohio and attended church at Paris Israel United Church of Christ.  She studied to be a Special Education teacher but her plan to begin teaching after graduation got sidetracked after knee injury while serving as a camp director at a camp for children with Special Needs.   The Lord provided her the opportunity to continue her Master’s Degree at Ohio State. After graduating she served as a Camp Director at a year round camp for special needs children.   Later she returned to the Canton, Ohio area where she began substitute teaching with the Stark County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities then she was a teacher and coordinator with students with different types of disabilities and severe or challenging behaviors.   Later Sue became assistant principal and in her last position; she served as Principal of Eastgate Early Childhood and Family Center.  During her 25 year professional career, the Lord gave Sue a variety of experiences, challenges, contacts, educational opportunities, and opportunities to supervise first hand construction projects. 




  • Tim & Margarita Revett

    Tim and Margarita Revett serve as teachers at the Nuevo Horizonte School.  Tim is helping complete the school’s English curriculum and teaches classes at the middle school-level.  Tim also ministers at the Tacumbú men’s penitentiary.   Margarita was the second grade teacher, and will return as the school psychologist.  This is a very-needed position considering around 10% of Nuevo Horizonte’s students have learning disabilities.  She hopes to work in a nearby, high-needs public school as well.  Both Tim and Margarita serve in children’s and youth ministries, home prayer groups and Bible studies, discipleship, and evangelism across the metro-area and in un-churched sections of the rural interior.


    Tim was raised in Amarillo, Texas.  In 2003 he finished his Master of Arts in teaching from George Fox University in Portland, Oregon, and taught Spanish in the Public Public Schools district until 2008, when he responded the Lord’s call to teach at Nuevo Horizonte.  Margarita grew up in Lambaré and began teaching at Nuevo Horizonte in 2003.  She completed her Bachelor’s degree in educational psychology in December of 2010.  She also served as the church secretary of the Villa Zulma and Puerta Abierta churches in Lambaré for a number of years.


    Tim and Margarita were married in September of 2010, and will be traveling in the United States during 2011 to visit family and raise support for their mission work.

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