The Paraguay Outreach

Greetings from the heart of South America, Lambaré Paraguay!

When God first spoke to my heart to move to Paraguay, I had little information what God wanted of me.  I knew a little about Paraguay though my missionary friends, Mark & Johanna Waltz.  They had shared a dream about starting a Christian school in Paraguay and invited me to join them.  I declined every request.  I was currently a Principal in an Early Childhood Center for children with special needs and an inclusion project.  I loved my job and planned to stay there until I retired.  No did not think I could physically handle the challenges nor did I think I was qualified to be a missionary.  However, on May 30, 1999 God got my attention and in a soft, still voice spoke to my heart that I needed to go to Paraguay!

In July and November of 1999 on two short-term mission trips, the Lord blessed me to visit Paraguay and He opened my eyes to see the needs of the precious people.   At that time, God put a profound love for this isolated, poor country and its people.   By September of 2000, God made a way to me to return to Paraguay to serve as a full-time missionary.  

During the past twenty years, God has done amazing things working together with fellow Paraguayans and missionaries from many countries around the world. We have seen two young men who were in comas and the doctors gave them no hope; healed within a few days after we prayed.  We prayed for an infant baby, Abel. He had a life threatening a respiratory infection and after an infection rampaged through the intensive care unit, Abel was the only baby who left the hospital alive.  We prayed for a dying shaman of an Indigenous group.  Diagnosed with liver cancer, he had less than a month to live.  Both he and his wife accepted the Lord and this led to many in his tribe accepting the Lord. We prayed for a number people who were in their hours and days of life; these people died but beforehand had accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. We have seen hundreds of students receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior and many of their families have received Jesus.

Our biggest challenge in 2020 is helping families during this Covid-19 pandemic. We have many families unemployed; but we see many seeking God for their daily bread and provisions.  Many people are being creative in ways to help their families survive.  

With the school founders, Mark & Johanna Waltz, hundreds of donors, local Paraguayan members and construction workers under the leadership of the “Comunidad Evangelical Metodista” Church and the Spirit of the Lord; we built New Horizon Methodist School, built the Multipurpose Sport Center and provided two lots for the Villa Zulma church, now named Fuente de Vida Methodist Church. God has provided the resources for us to build a school complex with a multipurpose area and provide twenty years of scholarship assistance for over a thousand families in New Horizon Methodist School, in other local Christian schools and in many local public schools specializing in career options.

We thank everyone for his or her prayers, support and assistance.

With the love of Jesus,

Sue Givens