A Few Testimonies of God’s Grace and Mercy

We believe God hears our prayers when we pray in faith and according to His will.   We have seen over and over again, “Nothing is impossible or too difficult for God!”

Overcoming Shyness

One little girl was very shy and lacked self-confidence.  She barely passed her work in the second grade.  When she entered third grade, the teacher talked to her and her peers and developed a plan and they prayed for their classmate every day.   Since she was afraid to ask questions or respond in front of the class, another little girl volunteered to be her voice.   She would talk to her, and then her friend would repeat the question or answer to the teacher.  Each time she was verbal through her “friend,” the teacher and her classmates reinforced for her communication attempts.   Eventually she began asking the questions or responding directly in a whisper.   By the end of the year, she was able to independently give a complete book report in front of her classmates.  Her peers gave her a standing ovation.  She then asked the teacher if she could dance for a school program.   She danced a beautiful Paraguayan dance in front of over three hundred students.   We have seen her blossom as she trusts in the Lord to give her the courage to overcome her shyness.   She graduated and is now in her second year of studying to be a teacher.  Praise God!

Brave like David

One of our students was brave like David in the Bible.  She is a native Indian and her family lives in a small wooden house.   In her first two years in the school, her father was very abusive to the entire family.  He would often get drunk and on several occasions stood outside the school swearing at the school staff because he did not want his daughter in “that #%& Christian School.”   We prayed regularly for the family.   The little girl, only about half the size of her peers, also prayed for her family. 

A judge ruled that the father was not to have any contact with the family, but he continued to harass them.   When her father was drinking and abusing her mother or her brothers, the girl would tug on her father’s arm and tell him how much Jesus loved him.  When her father calmed down, she would share with him about Jesus.  She was like Little David going against Goliath.   And with the help and the protection of the Lord, she was victorious.  Since then, the father has been reunited with the family and he occasionally attends church with them.  Her family has since moved to another country, but some of her relatives keep us updated.

A Road to Damascus Experience

Many of our children pray for their families to know the Lord.  One adolescent student’s father had attended church for the past three years, but he was quiet and no one knew he was filled with un-forgiveness, hatred and a desire for revenge.  Unbeknown to anyone, he had a gun, transportation and a plan of action to kill the man who murdered his father.   Through the prayers of his daughter and her mother for their family, God intervened with a “Road to Damascus” experience for her father, filling him with Holy Spirit´s grace, peace, and love.

The Faith of a Child

When a little preschool student was sick with a sore throat and fever, he insisted on going to school, saying his classmates would pray for him and God would heal him.   Within an hour of being in school, he was fine.

Girl prays for Alcoholic Father

One little four year old began in the school after being registered by her mother and grandmother. Her father was opposed to her being in New Horizon School.   Her dad had a drinking problem and often was not at home.   During her first year in the school, Dad lost his job.  The little girl would often ask her dad to school events, but he never came.  Finally before one evening program, she asked her Dad again.  As usual, he said he would come.  This time, she said, “will you promise me, because you always say you will come but you never do.”   He promised, and that night he was touched by the Holy Spirit and shortly thereafter dedicated his life to God.   He began seeking the Lord about work, and after about a year, he was hired at the school for two weeks to help with inputting financial data in the computer.  He has since been hired full time to work in the Administrative financial office, and he has graduated with a business degree.

As for the girl’s mother, she began helping in our school as a cook.   She was so impacted by our staff training in the areas of the Bible, leadership and so forth that she totally committed her life to Christ.  She has since graduated from the Methodist Bible Institute, finished her last six years of school for her high school degree and completed a two- year study in the Mennonite Bible Seminary.  She is now serving as a Methodist pastor and heads evangelistic teams to other areas.