The Project for the People of Paraguay

Vision and Purpose

For over 20 years, the Project for the People of Paraguay (PPP) has been transforming lives through the development of programs that empower and enable persons to take control of their lives through on-going and long-term education support.  Programs such as Child Sponsorship, Women of Dignity Program, Dignity Village Farm, Continuing Education Scholarships, and Housing and Relocation opportunities have taught individuals a wide variety of skills to support themselves.

The main purpose of the PPP is to help the persons with limited resources of Paraguay move from poverty to independence by implementing and/or supporting self-help, self-development programs that involve the family and their communities.

The PPP emphasizes the care of the total person by meeting the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of poor families.  The PPP commits to help people embrace a strong personal faith, to lead productive lives, and to create healthy families and communities.

It is the vision of the Project for the People of Paraguay to sustain a long-term commitment to the people of Paraguay who need assistance by collaborating with religious and nonsectarian persons, groups and organizations that are involved in programs and projects of good will that help restore and preserve the dignity of our families.

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Emergency and Support Assistance for Families

The Foundation for the Project for the People of Paraguay (PPP) is a non-profit agency that provides several services in Paraguay for families in need.  For our Lambaré families we are helping families with extra needs and helping gradates continue their studies in the area universities.

The Project for the People of Paraguay

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